Andrew + Kristie - Preston Peak Wines


These two are one heck of a pair! You enter their home and it is a hive of activity… Avery running around wanting to read every book with you, Andrew bubbling away chatting about all sorts and Kristie, in her down to earth way ‘eye rolling’ at everyting he says followed by a massive smile. I LOVE it!

We met with them earlier in the year to film the story of how they met (See below) and knew right away that this was gonna be a lot of fun. They have this effortless way of welcoming you in like you have known them for years and I found myself happily giggling with Kristie about all the annoying things our partners do. Toilet humour, dirty talk, all the meaningful stuff that great conversations are made from!

We spent a few hours with their little family, taking some images and film, capturing their kind of love that is so uniquely them.

Their wedding day was no surprise, a day filled with children, family, and more completely down to earth people who were all so happy that after 10 years they were finally making it official.

It was our first time at Preston Peak and I can only say amazing things about it. The pork belly was so so so yum! The way the light hits the hills as the sun sets is nothing short of perfect - but really - the pork belly was heaven!


Sophie Sharman