Jayden + Tash - Canungra Valley Vineyard


Gah... Jay and Tash! You already know how much we love you.

Jay and Tash have been in the same circles for years at Church. Like years... and for years they didn't look at each other "like that". Then... When the time was right for them, in the middle of a muddy field at Youth Camp Jay in all his sweetness asked Tash out. Tash, who had sworn to never ever chase a guy, casually said "I guess we can give it a go" in an attempt to see if he was actually interested or not. That was it... Jay went to bed that night all torn up, not knowing if they were actually a thing or if perhaps he didn't ask her right, or if perhaps she had just politely given him the flick. He had no clue and had no clue if she liked him at all!! Then the next day, by the grace of their friends Jay found himself on a date with his girl. She had said yes and he was stoked!

Fast forward a few years, a few more movie dates, loads of kisses and one gorgeous ring, these two stood before God and promised their lives to His and each other.

Now Jay is one ridiculously talented muso and his voice - gah heaven! A few months back he called me and asked if we would be up for filming a clip to go along side a song he had written for Tash. I hit play on the song and shortly after I was a mess of tears. His plan was to surprise her the day before the wedding with her song. The day of the wedding and she proudly walked down the aisle to the sound of her man singing. The best.

Jay, may you find in Tash that home you have always desired to build - One of strength, purpose and filled of God. Tash may you find in Jay that adventurous constant love and adoration - you don't need a puppy now cos you have Jay.

We love you guys so much


A song written for his Wife… GAH… love it.

Sophie Sharman