Victor + Stefanie - Versace Gold Coast


Stef + Vic - what a power duo! These two incredible people met with us last year to sit on a comfy bed and chat about their unique love. They call it a meeting of the minds where Stef would describe it as Vic coming in light a night in shining armor and saving her family. He really is her hero and she is everything to him. The pair are inseparable loving their family and each other in the sweetest ways.

I swear they are two of the busiest people we have ever met! They love their work which they of course do together and to them it is their avenue to help people in need. Together they are a serious force, but they way they love and defend people is beautiful.

Their wedding was held at Versace on the Gold Coast and in true Vic + Stef fashion they got ready in adjoining rooms in which they did not stay. Stef kept popping over to make sure her man had had enough to eat, to have a little chat and to just enjoy the day with as much togetherness they could.

The wedding was filled to the brim with action haha. The bridesmaids dresses were somehow left in Melbourne, but a guest who was flying up that morning managed to bring them with him, becoming wedding saviour 1. Their close friend who MC’d the evening also stepped in a few weeks before the day to finish planning their runsheets and details of their day becoming wedding saviour 2. Tony Pantano and ABBA joined forces to bring the best wedding entertainment around and caused the dance floor to go off with all the classics! Nath and I had to restrain ourselves to shoot and not dance and sing at the top of our lungs.

It was an honour to photograph your day guys and we wish many many years of family, love and the happiest life together.




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Sophie Sharman