Brent + Hannah - Albert River Winery


I have cried too many tears of loveliness over this wedding. No matter how many times I see their film I tear up again and again. 

We have known these two for years! For Nath, he has know Han since she was a toddler (Can you believe it!) so this wedding was a little bit special for us both. When Brent called me in January this year to help surprise Hannah with a proposal I was beyond excited for them. I hid in the sunflowers while I watched Brent get down on his knee. My eyes were fogging up while I snapped the moment Hannah said yes. Their wedding was much the same. 

After months of no rain, the heavens opened up. Cue potential panic stations... But I wasn't having it! Not a chance! RAIN ON YOUR WEDDING DAY IS THE BEST! The cloudy defused skies, the moody tones, the puddles  - oh we love it. Hannah and Brent were champions. Although they had to re work their entire outdoor ceremony and reception, they were game enough to take a stroll in the rain with us. Nothing was too much and no amount of soggy feet could take away their happiness. Their bridal party were flippen awesome! The girls got out there in their beige silk dresses and danced in the rain along side us without a care in the world. This was seriously a winning combo and allowed us to be creative, and adventurous in other wise constricting circumstances. 

Brent and Hannah, being a part of your wedding was an honour. We have had your vow's echoing through our home and you have us wanting to get married again so we can share the same ones. 

Where you go, I will go. Where you stay, I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God will be my God. 


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