Matt + Tiff Jones - Jasmine Organics

Wowee what can you say about an outdoor wedding in the cyclonic weather in the middle of a drought! If rain on your wedding day is meant to bring you good luck then these two have it in spades.

Matt and Tiff planned their wedding to be a little different from the norm. They searched for months to find an appropriate venue to host their vows and an elegant afternoon tea for their guests. Finally, after a descent search they stumbled upon the Jasmine Organics farm on Mt Tamborine. It had everything they wanted. A massive beautiful tree, an orchid of cherry blossoms, and a field of lavender. For the girl who loves flowers, how could you pass up a garden full of them to get married in.

Instead of a full on reception, they had a simple afternoon tea with their guests. This wasn’t your ordinary afternoon tea - no - they catered it in serious style! Weiner Haus made there amazing hot dogs, grazing tables fed those extra nibbles and a tower of doughnuts topped it off. Tiff (AKA Queen of Baking) made her own cookie cake the morning of her wedding and it was classically elegant and delicious.

Now you would think it would be a bit caotic having an outdoor wedding in a cyclone wouldn’t you!? But holy moly these two owned it! They realised early on that you just cant control the weather man and they released their day to the skies and made a decision to love what ever came at them. It was their willingness and excitement to stand in the poring rain that covered their guests with a whimsical adventurous spirit and they two embraced the elements and enjoyed their afternoon tea picnic in the torrential downpour. Tiff had supplied umbrellas for all of her guests so if they weren’t taking shelter under the marquees they were able to jump around in muddy puddles.

While it is usually me trying to encourage my brides to be brave enough to weather the elements, I am stoked to say that it was Tiff who was encouraging me to go further into the rain! Thank you Canon for making gear that withstands torrents of water and thank you Matt and Tiff for including Salt in your day. It was incredibly whimsical, the colours were to die for and for me, the adventure of the weather really was my favorite part.

Much love

Soph + Shelley.

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Sophie Sharman