J + I Wedding- Private Estate Summerholme


These two! What a laugh. We had so much fun at this wedding its nuts. I mean, when you family own a property the size of the whole mountain and its filled with rustic Australian farm land you can't go wrong. Through in a spot of actual shooting, jump some cow patties, and down a few cold beers and we are talking one great wedding.

Josh is a country man, beer loving, straight talking kind of guy who hates having his photo taken! It took Izzy making a few of josh's favourite home cooked meals to convince him to have photographers at their wedding. You can imaging the shock when she also suggested we film it too! But because he LOVES his girl, we rocked up at his family farm with many cameras in tow and he taught us how to shoot his way. 

Izzy was one hell of a bride. She turned that field of cow poo into a wedding haven with her stunning style, elegance and down to earth relaxed sophistication. She was ready! Ready to marry her man and ready to go on an adventure with us. Nothing was too much, she hiked that dress, tossed it over grass and poo, stood in the crazy wind unaffected by her wild hair. She stared down the barrel of my camera with that incredible smile of hers and completely nailed being a bride.

Gosh you both were so much fun.We loved being a part of your wedding and pray for all the babies you are now expected to have.

Much Love, Nath + Soph 

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