M+J Wedding - St Johns Cathedral + Customs House


Well what can I say about these two stunners! We first met at the powerhouse at the begining of the year for a coffee, then stayed for some wine with some engagement photos in the middle. I knew as soon as we met them that their wedding was going to be the perfect fusion of elegant and low key which is so hard to pull off. With their easy going natures and down to earth approach to their wedding they made their day all about the people they love.

Mark + Jayden met in high school and were great friends, but it wasn't until school ended that their relationship changed. They have known each other through all those awkward teenage years, and finally, just over 10 years later they stood at the end of an alter promising to spend the rest of their lives together. Their relationship is like a good wine, elegant, full of character and completely relaxed. They welcome you into their world with their hilarious sarcasm and you leave their company feeling full and happy.

When we arrived to shoot the boys, everyone was relaxed and organised. Even though one of the groomsmen was somewhere in the city trying to find a pair of pants, Mark was collected and and excited about the whole day ahead. He mentioned that there was a pool on the roof with a pretty good view, so off we went to scope it out and low and behold we changed our whole shoot plan immediately! I mean - look at that view!

At Jayden's home the scene was pretty much the same. ALL the girls greeted us with hair and makeup already finished! We couldn't believe it. They were able to spend the next hour or so in their pj's and bunny slippers with glamorous faces sipping on some champagne. We honestly felt like we were just part of the family as we casually went about our shots sipping on some freshly made coffee! Thanks Suezette!

The rest of their day was pretty perfect. The weather was warm with no wind and we strolled through the streets of Brisbane, stopping at a few cute buildings along the way. We stole Mark and Jayden away for a small snippet of time to catch sunset on the incredible rooftop. The gorgeous winter sun sank below the city as a group of partying friends on the rooftop switched their "Party Playlist" to something a little more romantic on their boom box.

Thank you for trusting us with your wedding - we have loved every bit of meeting you and hope that every year you re marry so we can do this all again.

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