A + E Engaged.


Ahh... these two sweet hearts contacted me a few weeks back via our facebook page wanting to get some photos in time for their engagement party this weekend.. I said a resounding YES and took them on an adventure in the forest.

Alec proposed to Elly on the 26th of Dec last year. I laughed at this as I thought, this guy is using the possible suspicion of a Christmas present proposal and turning it into a sneaky surprise for his girl. Its kinda like when no one say's Happy Birthday to you all day and then BOOM at night there is a surprise party. haha - maybe its just me but it made me giggle. Either way, Elly had no idea he was proposing and I love how excited she still felt by the surprise of it all. And flip - her ring is amazing!

So as we clambered across the rocks, in very unflattering ways  (Rock pools are notorious for the hesitant wobble walk) we captured this sweet celebration and looked forward to a life time of kindness, neck kisses and cider.

Thank you both for your acceptance and willingness to open up your worlds to me.