H + S Wedding - Austinvilla Estate


Oh My Sarah + Harry. You two are up there with our favorite people and I am sad to see this wedding over… I have serious post wedding blues!

We met these two back in February where they bolstered up to us at an expo and declared they had already booked us! Cuddles then ensued as they always seem to with us (We are huggers) and instantly we clicked. Sarah is mental! Like, wake up at 4am to go to the gym and train people, then go to her day job. She finishes most days off back at the gym again… Holy heck this gal has some go in her! And Harry - Haz - is honestly one of the kindest souls out there! The “quieter” one of the two, he is that warm familiar friend that you just want to be around. These guys have been loving on each other for 9 years and when they finally married in front of their family and friends it was seriously the best thing!

They chose Austinvilla Estate for their party which just happened to be up the road from my favorite place on earth! I have spent half my childhood roaming around this Forrest and its rock pools so when we looked at their run sheet we knew we had to scrape some time together to take them up the road to this little slice of heaven. We crammed them into the back of our tiny car, Haz with his long legs up around his ears, and Sarah with her dress pillowing around her face, and lead footed it into the forrest.

We then raced back to their reception where their guests enjoyed a feature film that Sarah and Harry had recorded with us earlier in the year. With tears flowing down the cheeks of the guests, Harry and Sarah were welcomed into their party and their party began. PS… The food was AMAZING! Austinvilla really know how to make a good meal!!

They spent their night eating, drinking and hanging out with a room full of people who meant the world to them. Sarah and Harry - you really are beautiful people… Like Bridie said in her speech “You are astounding human beings” Your wedding was a tribute to who you are. It was full of abundant kindness, welcoming homeliness and warm friendship. Now - you have two choices…. Get married again so we can hang out more… or have heaps of kids so we can hang out more… Or lets just hang out!

Nath + Soph xxx

Their Wedding Day Feature Film

Their Love Story film for their Guests at their wedding reception

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Sophie Sharman