J + A - Braeside Chapel

We have known Jamie for years so when he and Ailie called us to photograph their wedding we were just over the moon!

These two were super low key about their day. Not in a way that took any value out of it but in fact the opposite. They saw their wedding as a simple celebration of their commitment and although it was lovingly and carefully planned, they knew they didn’t want to go over the top extravagant because at the end of the day, a wedding is about the union and not the stuff that can sometimes pile on. I really do respect couples who are able to distance themselves from the tradition of a wedding and chase after what it is they really want.

They love family, nature and stress free easy breezy happiness and that is exactly what their day was!

They were wed at the sweet Braeside chapel in Merimac by the Ailie’s brother and afterwards they enjoyed a few hours of picnicing and mingling with their guests on the lawn at Braeside. They werent rushed off for a photo shoot straight away and had plenty of time to enjoy some food and coffee.

As the sun dipped to its most loveliest, we took the bridal party about 45 min up the road to have an adventure in the great outdoors. It was simple, it was peaceful and just perfect. For the second week in a row I have had a bride adorn my $5 KMart shoes that were lying in the back of my car, so they could clamber across the landscape in ease and effotrless style. A photog should always be prepared for the unusual.

We finished when we finished with no real time constraints and the bridal party headed out after for dinner.

I have wedding envy and I just love how they were able to make their wedding their own.

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Sophie Sharman