DAN + ALEX - The Love story Continues.


Gah these two! Seriously these guys are so beautiful. And what I mean by that is that they think of all the important things.... Their day revolved around making sure everyone special was honored, involved and celebrated as much as they were. That is a heart worth celebrating.

Their day was a complete whirl wind of activity. We hit the ground running with the boys at their apartment in The Valley and then met up with the Girls at their gorgeous Air BnB house. The light was perfect for their preparation shots and although the houses were filled to the brim with people, it was fun, fast paced and filled with anticipation.

The ceremony was again filled with thoughtful and heartfelt sentiment that I know Dan and Alex can't help but include. As we exited the church the storm clouds began to roll over.

We quickly raced the City Christmas traffic over to Old Government House and shot around the grounds of the Botanical Gardens. Although we needed to move quickly and beat the storm, we were still able to catch our breaths as the glorious clouds rolled over head and the wind scattered veils and leaves in every direction. On the last shutter click the heavens opened and we ran for cover.

We were so blessed to share this day with you both and thank you for shooting with us and allowing us to get to know you. You are truly wonderful people and we pray Gods richest blessings over you!