Dan + Alex - The love story begins.


Oh my gosh if these two aren't the sweetest thing since Krispy Kreme came to the Gold Coast then I don't know what is. The countdown is on to their celebration... Their story has already begun and in a few short months their commitment to spend a life time together will be celebrated with all their nearest and dearest.

We got to spend time getting to know these guys and there is nothing I love more than hearing my couples share on what marriage means to them. I love hearing about all those sweet moments between them that have seemingly been designed to pull them together for a life time of adventure.

From our SALT perspective we are pretty excited to start the beginning of our LOVE STORY journey with these two wonderful humans.

Our signature package "This Is Your Love Story" is a UNIQUE gorgeously crafted package that we have been pouring so much time and preparation into and we get all the feels when we think about how wonderful its going to be. Although it launches officially next year, we celebrated the beginning today.