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We’re heading to Europe


We are heading to Europe in May 2020, and to celebrate we are offering a once off deal to the adventurous people who want to come along with us! The best part it - YOU WON’T PAY FOR OUR FLIGHTS!! Also the first person to book us will get a further $500 off the package! If you are keen to ditch the wedding crowds and fancy roaming free across the European countryside eating cheese and wine while you say “I DO” enquire below for our May 2020 Media Kit.


- So… Why ELOPE? -

Take us with you!


So why the heck Elope?

Well for starters... It’s one hell of a holiday!

With the average cost of a wedding sky rocketing up to 60K (HOLY HECK) eloping somewhere amazing has become, by comparisson a whole heap cheaper. You already love to travel with your best friend, so why not save a bit on the nuptuals and put it into an amazing holiday + “I Do”.

So what about your family!? Wouldn’t they murder you? Well some may yes haha... so why not include them and bring a handful of your nearest and dearest with you? It would be a once in a life time adventure for everyone - or if you want to keep it sneaky and uber romantic, just run away with each other and host a little party when you return.

We love the simplicity of an elopement. Its just you, the wilderness, and your promises to each other. You are able to release all those expectations, huge guest lists, reception costs and exchange it for the bare basics of what is most important. Even if you bring some loved ones with you, the intimacy of those moments together is uninhibited, raw and simply focused on each other. Ditch the crowds dinging their glasses to ensue a kiss and exchange it for the wild adventure of that warm Tuscan sunset.

You can go anywhere... If you want to find a remote hilltop, a scenic field of flowers, a small cobblestone village or set sail across the Islands - the options are limitless. Why not stay for a while, travel around, and immerse your first weeks of marriage in amazing food, wine and culture.

- This kind of deal happens only once -

What’s the Killer deal!?

Typically to hire us to elope with you to the far reaches of the world would require you to cover our flights, accommodation + car hire for the time we are there. However, for this ONCE OFF opportunity in May , you can run away with us to Europe without covering the costs of these standard travel requirements. What you see in the package is all you will pay unless you require additional remote access travel like helicopters, off road vehicles etc.

This deal literally saves you thousands! And as an extra little sweetener - we are offering the first couple to book their us in for their elopement in Europe $500 off either of our adventure packages! SOOOOO GOOOD!

Our flights in to the nearest major airport has already been paid for, so what are you waiting for!? For less than the cost as hiring us to be your local photography + videography team, you can take us anywhere.


- EUROPE May 2020 -

Where are you gonna take us!?


We haven’t planned too much as yet and it will depend on where our couples are booking. But as a suggestion - a great place to start would be any Italian village or French Chateau. Places like Lake Como, Tuscany, Puglia, Almalfi Coast in Italy are incredible. In France you could start your google search in Paris, Bordeaux, the Riviera, Ardèche or Provence. Really the options are limitless and we will follow you to whichever patch of Europe you most want to go to.